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A project designed to keep drivers alert while driving and make roads safer for all of us.

2nd Prize at StartHacks 2017


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Motivation behind the hack:

This hack was inspired by my dad. Our family went on vacation every year, and every year we would head out in the night so we could reach the place the next morning and enjoy the rest of the day. My dad was the one who drove the car everytime. One night while we were driving, I noticed that he was very visibly blinking and having a hard time staying awake. We (my mom and I) noticed and forced him to take a break since he was so tired. We took some rest (all of us slept in the car) and then departed to our destination later in the morning. From that incident I saw and noticed how this might be a problem many people are facing and how it could adversely affect them – I noticed how they could doze off easily without having anyone to alert them. Hence, I thought of Caffeiene.

Here are some stats :

•100,000 police-reported crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year.

•This results in an estimated 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries

•Results $12.5 billion in monetary losses.

As you can see, this is clearly a very pressing issue.

What the hack does:

•Using the Muse headband, we aim to prevent drivers from dozing off while they are driving.

•Reminds drivers to not use their phones while driving.

•We do this by causing a sound and a vibration to trigger whenever needed.

How our hack works:

•The Muse Headband provides us with real-time brainwave and accelerometer data.

•We created an android app that receives this data from the Headband.

•We then use this data to track head-position in 3D and monitor brain activity.

•Based on this, we calculate when to trigger the alarm system to alert the driver.

•The alarm system automatically turns off when the driver regains alertness.

Future Goals and Updates for Caffeine:

• Add an automatic trigger that fires and reports location and other information to police if user does not respond to alarm for more than 5 seconds.